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Skootee's Pet Care Service


Serving the NYC area for over 15 years, Skootee’s Pet Care Service is a full-service cat and dog boarding, dog daycare, bathing, and walking business. Our team of friendly and experienced professionals is proud to offer personal, reliable pet care for the best prices in the area, all with excellent references. Additionally, we provide free pick up and return services for your pets. Skootee’s Pet Care hosts dogs for daycare and overnight boarding in our home in The Bronx, NY, with an attached enclosed play yard. We also offer cat boarding with private rooms for your cat. With a focus on TLC (Tender Love & Care,) we treat our pet guests as if they are our own pets. Skootee’s Pet Care strives to provide the same quality and standard of care for every dog or cat that we take care of that your pet receives at their own home.

Last-minute requests are gladly taken and we provide 24/7 service.

What We Do.

Doggy Daycare

Dogs are a part of your family. As long-time pet owners ourselves, our team of friendly and experienced professionals at Skootee's Pet Care Service provides high-quality doggy daycare services for a low cost. We make sure your dog gets plenty of food and water, playtime, walks, and any other services you may need, including dog washing and more. We can also allow your dog to play with other dogs if the dog is good with other animals and if the owner allows it.

Dog Boarding

Skootee's Pet Care Service provides professional dog boarding services to those in The Bronx, NY, and surrounding areas. We can also pick up and drop off your dog if you need it! We make sure the dog gets a comfortable place to sleep and relax, many potty breaks per day, plenty of food and water, playtime with or without other dogs, and 24/7 supervision. We also have private playpen areas both indoors and outdoors and we can provide services such as dog bathing as well.

Cat Boarding

Skootee's Pet Care Service offers cat boarding services where your cat will be comfortable, safe, and happy. We will feed your cat and give the cat plenty of water, provide 24/7 supervision, give them clean litter and areas to use the bathroom, and many other services as well, including offering your cat indoor playtime. We make sure your cat is safe, well looked after, happy, and healthy, at all times of the day. We always call should any issues arise.

Pet Visits

If you are going away for the day, a few days, a week, or longer, we can stop into your home to feed your cat or dog, let them out for potty breaks and playtime, and make sure they are healthy, safe, and happy.

Dog Walking

We provide regular or one-time dog walking services in The Bronx, NY, and surrounding New York areas, where we make sure to bring your dog for a long, exciting, and fun walk around the area.

Dog Bathing

Skootee's Pet Care Service can provide dog bathing and light dog grooming services such as nail clippings, brushing, bathing and blow drying in The Bronx, NY, and surrounding areas to make sure your dog looks, smells, and feels good and clean at all times.

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